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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Short Blog Tonight -

-Direct Matches

Steve Gaghagen

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Good evening / morning to all. I hope you're getting a lot out of the blog. I'm told that last night's article did help to assuage some of the misapprehensions about "getting behind" that some of you were apparently feeling. That's good. We all do what we can do, and we're all going to move at our own pace, worries.

On the Fast Start Traffic School call on tuesday, Rick Jorgensen spoke about Direct Matches, a networking website that is an excellent place to generate some traffic to your website. As you know, you need a referral link to join there and I was having some trouble obtaining one. Last night Janet Legere passed me hers. I joined, upgraded for more mailbox size, poked around the site some so I would know what I was talking about if you had questions, and now I can pass my link on to you:


You can go there and join, and then simply follow the directions Rick gave on the FSTS call. Within the next day or so, for those who couldn't attend the call, I will be posting directions for what to do when you have a Direct Matches account. Look for that before the end of Sunday night (PST).

Remember, the Fast Start Traffic School calls are not duplicates. They will change, as I'm sure the Quick Start Calls will change. I heard the first FSTS call on Tuesday, but I plan to attend the call again tomorrow evening. As Rick said, there are many subjects that will be covered in upcoming calls, and I'm sure we can all benefit.

That's it for now. Will blog later tonight if I can. Take this link for Direct Matches and pass it on to your downlines. If you don't know what to tell them to do with it, let them know to listen to the FSTS calls, and give them the url for this blog.

One last idea: since there are a few of you now who are beginning to build downlines (you know who you are), you might want to keep a record of where you can find certain subjects covered in the archives of SteveTalk. For instance, Direct Matches will end up in the October '06 Archive. You might want to write that down or actually save the url to the post so you can pass on the url or the info to locate the article at a later time. Hey! Put together an index as we go, and insert it into your autoresponder messages.....automate and duplicate!
Don't forget my FREE Google Advertising Bribe! Timeframe is approaching its end. If you don't know what Im talking about, you'll find it in a post from earlier this week (scroll down).

Have a good night.

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