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Monday, October 16, 2006

Newbies Training Process & Call Schedule

Steve Gaghagen

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How many of you were on the Janet Legere training session today? Many of you, I hope. It was a good one. She made a couple of points I'd like to re-iterate here:

1) When you first join Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits, there is a lot of information made available to you. In fact, there's TOO MUCH information. At first it can seem so daunting that we can become like deer in the headlights: frozen and unable to move.

Don't let this happen to you. Understand something here: NO ONE EXPECTS YOU TO KNOW EVERYTHING TOMORROW!
In fact, no one expects you to know ALL of it EVER.
The Success Guide is a HUGE load of information. It's designed that way, not so everyone will do everything in it, but so you can find several marketing methods that fit and that you're comfortable with, either financially or psychologically. Picking any three or four marketing methods within the Success Guide, and doing them with focus and dedication, will assure your success.

Also, be sure you don't try to do too much at one time. We're talking a lot lately about TrafficSwarm, Direct Matches, Top Surfer, etc., and the list can go on and on. Well, just because you hear about something doesn't mean you have to put it into your marketing plan TODAY. In fact, it doesn't mean you have to put it into your marketing plan AT ALL. It simply means that there is a tool available that you might want to look into, evaluate, and possibly incorporate.

Remember: This is Not A Sprint.....It's A Marathon.
Read the article I posted a day or so ago about being a hedgehog or a fox.

Be the Hedgehog! Take your time. Incorporate one thing at a time, at your own pace. When you do incorporate something, stay focused. Don't get side-tracked by this web page, or that offer, or this new product or system. There's a gazillion things out there. If you don't stay focused you'll become what's known as a "program hopper". Those are the people who always say, "I tried everything, but nothing worked". Well, no wonder!

One more thing on this: If you find yourself "stuck" on something, like one day in the Success Guide, or setting up one traffic exchange, DROP IT! Just get UN-STUCK, move on, and go on to something else. Sometimes we want to be so letter-perfect that we neglect to write anything. Just let it go and move on.

The main point here is this: cut yourself a little slack. Go at a comfortable pace for you. If that's slower than the guy on the terminal next to be it.

Guess what...the Internet will still be there when you arrive.

2) The process for new enrollees: I liked what Janet said this morning. Mainly because it's what I've been saying since the new call schedule went into effect. I'm expressing it a little differently, and I think it's a little clearer, but it's basically the same.

This is a little more detailed than the last time I posted it, and it's designed for an absolutely perfect situation, which rarely happens. But, that said, here's how I like to see it go:

What New Enrollees should do, and what you Sponsors should tell your new Enrollees:

1) Complete the Getting Started Checklist. That includes "Setting Up Your Complete Funded Sponsoring System", the affiliations menu on the left hand side of your Member's Area. They should also listen to the "Crash Course In Funded Sponsoring" recording found under the training tab in your Member's Area.

2) Get on a Quick Start Call to make sure your system is correctly configured.

3) Complete Day #1 And Day #2 in the Success Guide found in the "Marketing" tab of your Member's area. This will get you aquainted with your new websites and what they do. It will also make sure your autoresponders are upgraded and loaded correctly.

4) Get on a Fast Start Traffic School Call, and pick up on Day 3 in the Success Guide.

Once you're into the Success Guide, you can start to check out some of the tools we have links to here in this blog. As you can see, there are tons of them available, and now I've got them seperated into catagories so things are easier to find.

I also made an .html file of the PIF4P call schedule, and mounted the page on the net so you can view it or download it to your computer. I keep it on my desktop so I always have it handy.

Here's the link to download the schedule:

It's also over to the right for viewing any time you need it.

Well, there we are for today. If you ask me, you guys are doing great. We are really starting to build a team here, and I want all of you to feel free to call, e-mail, IM, Skype....whatever. Contact me anytime with any questions or suggestions.

That's it 4 Now!


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