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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

OOPS! Watch For The "Anti-Fraud" Test On TrafficSwarm
Steve Gaghagen

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Two days ago I posted a method of building up your credits on TrafficSwarm, the best Free Traffic generation site out there, and one used by many Pay It Forward 4 Profits members. It's been pointed out to me that there was something I neglected to mention.

Watch out for TrafficSwarm's "Anti-Cheat", or "Anti-Fraud" test ads!

As a means of making sure that no one is using any kind of mechanical surfing software, and therefore not actually looking at the ads you post while surfing for credits, TrafficSwarm posts FAKE ADS on the system. These ads are always clearly headed:

"Anti-Cheat - Do Not Click"


"Anti-Fraud - Do Not Click"

The rest of the ad will look like it's advertising something you might actually see on TS, but the headline is clear and can't be missed...IF YOU ARE LOOKING!

If you click one of these ads, you'll get a warning. The warning states that: 1) you've gained no point, and 2) you have 5 clicks of anti-fraud ads allowed...if you click a sixth one, your account will be deleted.

Now, if your account is actually deleted, you can always open another with another e-mail address, BUT you will lose all of the credits you've accumulated.

This may all sound simple...just watch out for the fake ads. I can tell you, though, that if you're really buzzing along, using the method and software I gave you in my post of the other day, it's very easy to click before you realize what you're doing. I've got THREE anti-fraud clicks against me right now. The first I actually read. I clicked it because Ithought it was a real ad someone had created to be cute, and I wanted to see what the web site was! Boy, was I dumb! LOL. The second and third one I clicked on were simply because I was going fast and not paying attention.

So, watch for the "Anti-Cheat", or "Anti-Fraud" ads. Now I make it part of my process to simply scan all eight ads whenever I open a new page to see if there's one there. I do this before I start surfing the page. If there's one there I know I have to avoid it.

Be aware, also, that while surfing a particular eight ad group on TS, that every time you return to that page from viewing a full web page, the position of the eight ads is randomly shifted. That means that if there is an Anti-Cheat on the page...IT WILL NOT BE IN THE SAME POSITION AS THE LAST TIME YOU VIEWED THE PAGE! That was the reason I got my third violation: I knew there was an Anti-Cheat on the page I was surfing, but I incorrectly anticipated that it would be in the same place when I returned to the surf page, which it wasn't. out for the ANTI-FRAUD ads. They can gittcha!

Also, I just wanted to say that there must have been a GAZILLION PIF4P members on the Fast Start Traffic School call last night. I can tell because of two things: this morning every other ad I clicked I saw Joel and Paul's faces staring at me, AND my credits were zooming out of my account! That means there are more people surfing and more PIF4P members advertising.

Some might think that's a bad thing. I disagree. It does mean that your ad will be seen by more people who are already PIF4P members. But, it also means that the community of TS is also enlivened right now. The folks who are NOT PIF4P members will be sure to notice the increase of our ads. They are going to get curious as to why the increase, and they're going to start looking further into it. AND...they are still the VAST MAJORITY of TrafficSwarm users. So, don't be's a good thing.

Check back later...I'll be posting another FREE traffic generator that you can use WHILE you surf TrafficSwarm. It will get you more FREE hits, and I'll have it posted later today.

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