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Monday, October 09, 2006

Great Call! Hope You Were There!

Also Got Some Help For "Newbies", Victims Of E-mail Police, and Some FREE Goodies As Well!

Steve Gaghagen

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Well, the Quick Start calls began this morning. I hope everybody was there. If you weren't able to attend, there are two more this week. Everyone on the team should attend one QS call, and then go on to the Fast Start Traffic School Call. The schedule and numbers for these calls is posted in yesterday's blog entry. You can find that below.

Now, it's come to my attention that a lot of you might be having trouble receiving my e-mails and those from PIF4P. The reason that's going on is that many ISP's are becomming "Thought Police" in their efforts to "Can Spam".

The large ISP's, like MSN, Verizon, Charter, AOL, etc., have programs in place that scan all e-mails looking for words that indicate that the message might be spam. Those words include, "confirm", "free", "order", and of course, anything like "Cialis", "Viagra", etc.

In other words, if I write to you that " I want my country to be free in order to enjoy the benefits of that type of society, and I hope you'll confirm that you feel the same", the message is likely to be considered Spam by the ISP.

Most ISP's store "Spam" messages in a folder within their we application. If you are using a stand alone client program for your e-mail, like Outlook Express, Eudora, or Incredimail, adding senders to your address ook in there will not help. The problem is before your mail ever gets's at you ISP. You'll need to go to your ISP's web mail interface. There you'll probably find a foldr marked "Spam" or "Junk Mail". Within that folder, you're likely to find a lot of e-mails from me or PIF4P, or one of the other companies you've affiliated with.

After you've located this folder, most ISP's will give you a choice that will allow you to tell them to let messages from a certain sender pass on through. You'll see something that will say, "Add Sender To Address Book", or "Whitelist", or "Allow Sender". However your particular ISP presents it, you need to so that with all of the e-mails you want to receive. From then on, the ISP will know that it's OK to let you receive this e-mail.

Some ISP's have gone further. Charter, for instance, is apparently deleting e-mails without ever delivering them. I've had several instances of this reported to me by Charter users. Charter determines that a message might be spam, using their particular algorithym, so they simply dump it completely, and the owner of the e-mail address is never even informed. Isn't that special?

In my opinion, this is a particular threat to your business and mine. That's not to mention, of course, how it reeks of "Big Brother" deciding what's good for you to see and what's not.

Just as a side comment here: that's one of the things that really excites me about being involved in the Internet Marketing Industry. We ARE engaging in commerce and business. However, we're doing it in the New Frontier. We are pioneers in what is destined to become the new boom of the 21st century. We are NOT part of "Big Business" or "Corporate America". Even if we affiliate with corporate entities of some kind or another, we are Independent Contractors, promoting what we decide to promote. We are the true vangard of a new way of doing business, and I believe that we will, in not too long a time, precipitate a shift in money and power away from the old-time corporate structure, and into the hands of ordinary Americans (and Canadians, Europeans, Asians, and Africans, etc.), that will make the Industrial Revolution look like a sunday school class! The "dot com" boom of the '90s was simply a "pre-shock", like all the little rumbles that preceed a major earthquake. When the REAL shock comes it's going to be huge, and it's beginning right now! and I are there, involved, contributing, and will be among the primary beneficiaries. It's so exciting!

Now, off the soapbox: Here's a suggestion as to how to get around the ISP problem...

You have a GDI account that you set up when you first enrolled in PIF4P. Now, the main purpose of that account is to enable you to enroll others in the GDI opportunity. However, why not use what GDI provides to you? You're paying for it; use it! At GDI, not only do you have the ability to create a 10 page web site (that's what my Online Home Business Learning Center is....why not create something similar for your enrollees??), but you also have the ability to create and use 10 e-mail addresses. GDI does not censor your mail, you get everything sent to you in your inbox. They also have a very fast and easy to use interface, or you can set it up as a POP3 account for use with your stand alone client. Once you've done that, just go to PIF4P, Response Magic, GDI, Traffic Oasis, and any other program you might have joined, and change your user info there. From then on, you'll get all your e-mails.

What?? You don't have a GDI account? For God's sake! It's $10 a month! Log into your Member's area, click on the botton that says "Setup Your Complete Funded Sponsoring System", and get one.

If you'd like to check them out directly, you can get a GDI account here:

Get Your GDI Account Here.

If you're not a member of Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits should be. You can enroll here:

Enroll In Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits Here FREE.

As most people reading this know, it's free, and it works, and I'll help.

OK, a couple of other things:

We do have some folks on the team who are not just Newbies at Internet Marketing, but Newbies as far as computers as well. I have one thing to say: get over it! Just kidding....

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with being inexperienced on the computer, we all start somewhere. The thing is, however, that this is going to be your workplace, and you need to become proficient as quickly as you can. My problem is that, as our team grows, I'm finding that I'm beginning to spend a lot of time teaching computer use, when I should be teaching marketing techniques.

So, here's a resource to help you guys out....and me. It's called "The Newbie Club". They provide all sorts of computer learning and tutorials. If you want to learn how to build your GDI web site, or if you just want to learn how to copy and paste in Windows, these guys are the place to go. I've used them to brush up on HTML language and have really gotten better at it, so if I'm talking to you here, just follow this link to check them out.

Join "The Newbie Club" Here.

Secondly, I did send a broadcast e-mail out to everyone giving them a link to RoboForm. However, since people haven't been getting e-mails, I'm going to post the link here so we can all come back to it if we need to. Roboform is a great little program that sits in your Internet Explorer toolbar and saves, stores, and remembers all your user names and passwords for your various websites. When you want to go to any site where you have to login, you simply drop down your "Logins" menu from RoboForm and click on the passcard for that page. RoboForm takes you there, enters your Uname and Password, and then clicks you right on through to the inside. It's a great little timesaver, and it's free. So download it and use it. It's kewl.

Download RoboForm Here FREE.

Also, if you haven't subscribed to my newsletter, "I-Marketing Secrets That I-Learned The Hard Way!", you can do so by following the link below. When you subscribe, you'll receive a FREE copy of the great e-book y Janet Legere, called "The Contact List Builder". Janet is a very well know Internet marketer, and the #2 enroller in PIF4P (behind only Paul present, but she's breathing down his neck). She's a great lady, has been a big help to me in my business, and she's written a wonderful resouce book for anyone interested in virally growing a large and responsive opt-in mail list. the book. Even if you're already in my newletter list, you can always opt out your duplicate account after you receive the go for it and read it. It's a great help.

So....that's it for today. Remember the Quick Start Calls, The Fast Start Traffic School Calls, and then the Success Guide. That's the new process of learning at Pay-It-Forward-4-Profits. Use it yourself, and send your enrollees along the same path you're following. If you have any questions, call me, browse the forum, check in here and post them in a comment. Every time a comment is posted, it's delivered to me in an e-mail, so use this forum for questions and comments both.

Until tomorrow........

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