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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Final Version:


7-Step Process For Beginning PIF4P Enrollees

I Promise This Is The LAST ONE!

Steve Gaghagen

I'm sure you're all going to be overjoyed to see this, but hey, folks, this is a learnin curve for all of us. I'm just a little ahead of most of you, so....stuff happens.

I've been refining what I believe to be a simple and clear start up process for all new enrollees in the Pay It Forward 4 Profits System. Joel and Paul are upgrading and updating the Member's area as well, so some locations might change, but essentially, what I'm posting here is a good foundation for us all to work with.

It now includes 7 steps, and here it is:

7-Step Configuration and Startup Process For Newbies

1) Getting Started Checklist.

2) Listen to "Crash Course In Funded Sponsoring" found under the Training tab.

3) Affiliate menu - "Setup Your Complete Funded Sponsoring System". Start at the top and work down finishing with "Upload Affiliate Links".

4) Get On A Quick Start Call. (Schedule found in the Live Training section under the Training tab)

5) Do Day 1 And Day 2 of the Success Guide (Found under the Marketing tab).

6) Get On A Fast Start Traffic School Call. (Schedule found as in #4 above)

7) Get back into Success Guide, Starting on day 3 and just keep on going. Keep on attending the Fast Start Traffic School calls, and as much Training as you can.

Also, in the Live Training schedule, you'll see a place to register for the online conference training sessions held by Janet Legere. I also recommend those. I consider her my mentor (though she might not know it....LOL), and the sessions are great.

There it is...FINALLY.

I've also found a way to keep this post on top, I believe. If I can do that, I'll keep it right here for a while so it's easy to find.

As always, please call if you need me. Our team is just about 60 members right now, and I believe we'll hit 100 before the end of November. We're from all parts of the world, from Austrailia and India, to Singapore, Finland, the UK, the US, and Canada. Many of you are now enrolling members of your own, and it's becoming very exciting.

Remember that this blog is here for you. I'm sure you'll eventually want to set up your own for your own team, but feel free to refer your own enrollees here until you do.

Keep up the good work everybody. The Pay It Forward 4 Profits system really does work if you simply DUPLICATE the process. Don't try to re-invent the wheel. Joel Broughton and Paul Birdsall have already invented it and handed it to you. Just follow the process, at your own speed, and everything else will follow.

L8R !

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he is owned by a dog named Cimarron.

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