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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lotsa Treats, Tools, And.....
..... A Rant!

Steve Gaghagen

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Well, I got a lot of stuff for you tonight, so let's get going......

First off, I just want to say that I realize I'm loading a ton of stuff onto my Pay It Forward 4 Profits members here on the blog. Please, as you often hear me say, don't let yourself get overwhelmed.
Setting up your PIF4P business correctly, moving from there into free marketing techniques, taking your first steps into more aggressive advertising, and from there into exploding the size and momentum of your Pay It Forward business, is a step-by-step process. Nobody, and certainly not me, expects you to implement all of the tools and strategies I've posted here over the last couple of weeks in one day! That's not how this is supposed to work.
Still, I've been talking to some of my students who are concerned because they're trying to download all of this information, the software, tools, and resources, on a daily basis....and then trying to implement it all in one day!
Remember: This is a marathon....not a sprint!

Some of this may stem from misunderstanding about how a blog works. You should know that these posts aren't going anywhere. If you look at the menu on the right, you'll see a section called "Archives". Everything I post here for you will stay right on this page for 30 days. After that, it will simply move into the "Archives" section. There's not much there now, if anything, because the blog isn't old enough, but soon that area will begin to be a great repository of information.

Also in that menu, you'll see a little search box utility that says "Search This Blog". That search box is provided by Technorati, a blog index website. Steve-Talk is indexed by Technorati, so if you want to find anything I've posted about....oh, say'd simply put GDI in the search box. Then a window would open and you'd be at Technorati. There you'd find every post I've ever done that mentions GDI, with the title and first five or six lines of the post visible in a list.

So...don't worry. If you've just come aboard, or you feel you're you're getting behind on what I'm posting......RELAX. It will all be here when you're ready for it.
You should at least read through anything new here before starting work. If you see something you want to download and implement today...put it on your list, but only if adding it is reasonable scheduling (see my previous post concerning Time Management). If not, download whatever it is and put it in a "To-Do" file to be scheduled when it is reasonable and feasible. Alternatively, you could simply make a note to come back to the post another day.

Another thing before we get started: Those of you who were on the "Fast Start Traffic School" call last night got some really good information. First you learned about Traffic Swarm, and Rick gave you an address where you could download instructions and software for maximizing your use of TS.
Well, if you're checking in here, you probably realized that Rick's stuff is exactly what I posted here about two nights before the call. Don't want to blow my own horn...but I will:

Also on last night's call, you heard a mention of Direct Matches. I've known about Direct Matches for a while, but DM is a "by invitation only" organization, so I've not gotten in as yet. On the call they also told you to contact your Sponsor for that invitation, and several of you have done so already.
The problem here is, as most of you know, I have the Sponsor from HELL, a person I've been able to speak with exactly once since I began PIF4P several months ago. I did send him an e-mail asking if he was a member and if he would send me his invitation link, but I'm not hopeful. I also e-mailed Rick Jorgenson and I e-mailed and called Paul Birdsall. Tonight I'll e-mail Janet Legere. I WILL obtain SOMEBODY'S link. As soon as I do, I'll pass it on to you guys.

All right...that said, here's this evening's GOODIES:


Some of you received e-mails from me this morning containing a link to join this brand new free traffic generating system. I'm glad to say that some of you have joined already. I received it from Janet Legere yesterday and am posting it here so it's always available to our Team Members. The technology here is simply amazing. I joined FREE and upgraded to a Platinum membership ($19.95 per month) to get the extra goodies. Whether you upgrade or not, you should download this thingy and make use of the free advertising credits you'll earn. Pass it down to your downlines as well.



You'll hear about Top Surfer in an upcoming Fast Start School Traffic call, but if you have the time, go ahead and join up for FREE and get it going. It's similar to TrafficSwarm, in that you surf for credits. They have a little different system of surfing, and a whole host of ways to advertise. I upgraded to a "Wholesale" membership, and that's REALLY a good deal, and allows you to make some money here as well. You can check that out when you get there, but like Desktop Lightning, you can get advertising for free, so just go ahead and join and set up your ads. When you get used to doing your daily TrafficSwarm thing, add another few minutes and surf Top Surfer as well. This one's actually a lot more fun than'll see why once you join. The different options it presents also make it very powerful. Check it out. It'll bring you TRAFFIC.



Instant Buzz, another Free to join Traffic generator, came on the scene about six months ago. It was recently purchased by Mike Filsaime. If you don't know who Mike will soon if you're going to be doing business on the Internet. Mike is one of the most famous Internet marketers in the world, a proponent of what is known as "Viral Marketing", and author of the book "The Butterfly Manuscript". Soon after Mike took over, Instant Buzz began online conference training calls conducted guessed it...Janet Legere, one of my mentors, who conducts online conference training sessions for Pay It Forward 4 Profits every Monday. Instant Buzz is another technological wonder, and you should join, at least on the Free level. By the way, if you're interested in Mike's book, send me an e-mail. I can get you a good deal. I'll send you an e-mail before Janet's PIF4P training session next week, so look for that.



TrackThatAd is another Mike Filsaime winner, in conjunction with Craig Heywood ("The Blue Guy"...don't ask, LOL). This is an incredible tool. If you've already clicked on any of the links above, you've seen Track that Ad in action. When you join FREE, you can enter your Pay It Forward 4 Profits website url and Track That Ad will transform it into another one. You then use THAT url (and you have a lot of cute little choices there) to promote PIF4P. You can enter it in your ads in TSwarm and Top Surfer instead of the conventional url supplied by PIF4P. When you use that url, your ad is can tell what source your hit came from, and WHO the hit was, even down to their ISP address.
If you upgrade at TTA, you can also employ this great list-building feature: When someone views your page through a TTA url, they will also see a spot where they can investigate and join TTA. If they click through there, you can have their information automatically sent to your Traffic Oasis autoresponder to enter them in the newsletter series you have over there. That's, of course, if you're a member there and have upgraded your account. At any rate, this is a great tool, and even at the free level you can build a downline in Track That Ad that will help to build your contact list like CRAZY. Plus, you know which of your ads are working and which aren't...something you MUST know to be effective. I wouldn't be without this one.


Well...there's a whole lotta poop for ya! LOL

Now, a rant:

Today I came across a Pay It Forward 4 Profits ad while surfing at Top Surfer (and yes.....I still crave FREE advertising!). Here was the Headline:

"Are You A Affiliate Loser?"

Anyone notice anything? Hmmm?

Not a bad idea as far as direction there...I mean, someone who runs an ad with the headline of "Does Your Life SUCK?" can't throw stones, so I won't go after the insult thing. From a marketing standpoint, shocking can be good.

No, what gets me here is the incorrect grammar. "...A Affiliate"?

Would you respond to an ad and sign up under someone who you might suspect was a functional illiterate?
No... You wouldn't, and neither would I!

Now, that doesn't mean you can't be a functional illiterate and still be effective in this can...and I know several functional illiterates that ARE!

BUT...and here's the BIG BUT...they check their ads.

That's a simple process. It just takes a moment, if you're not sure of something, to call someone and ask. But, here's a better process:

Write your ads out in a good word processor, like WordPerfect, Word, or OpenOffice Writer. Then just ask it to check the grammar! It will tell you if there's anything wrong AND make suggestions as to how you might correct it.

JEEZ! What an idea! Using correct grammar when you're trying to attract people to your business opportunity. What will they think of next!

Just a word to the wise....

Well that's it for this evening...

Wait! This just in:

I just got an Instant Message from Janet Legere in Canada. Once again this wonderful lady has come to my rescue! She's just sent me a link to join Direct Matches! I will do that this evening, and tomorrow I'll post a link here so you can all join as well.

Thanks, Janet.

Good Night, ALL.

About the Author:

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an actor, director, author, Realtor, and
Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes
his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where
he is owned by a dog named Cimarron.

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