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Friday, October 13, 2006

OOPS! Wrong Link!

Steve Gaghagen

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Apparently I included the wrong link for Top Surfer in last night's post. Inadvertently, I gave you the one to their current special on the Wholesale Membership upgrade. So I told you it was free, and then sent you to a site that cost $10. Clever me.

Here is the correct one, and the others on this site have been changed as well:
Join Top Surfer For FREE For REAL Here

I do recommend that you upgrade to a Wholsale Membership with this site. It's much more effective and it's also very cheap, but at least with this link you can actually join free......

See what happens when we try to do too much, or take on too much, at once? We make mistakes.

Sorry if it was an inconvenience to anyone.


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