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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Globalize Your Business With VOIP
Steve Gaghagen

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The world of Internet commerce is a weird one!

I sit in the middle of three acres of forest in my little mountain house in Big Bear Lake, California. I promote several network style enrolling businesses. In fact, the last article I posted here concerned how to keep your downline working and happy over the long run.

One of the things I do to achieve that is to keep in constant communication with them. I sit here and speak with team members from all over the U.S. and Canada...AND the entire world! I have enrollees from the U.K., Finland, New Zealand, even Finland! I speak with them whenever I want, and they feel free to call me at any time.

So, here's the question that most people ask me: How can I do that without going broke with the long distance charges?

The answer is VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is a system that allows you to make phone calls over your Broadband Internet connection.

There are many different choices these days for a VOIP provider, and they offer many different types of service. Some tap into your regular phone and transform it to a VOIP access terminal. Others work through your computer as any other program, and make use of your computer microphone or headset.

I'm currently using a little program called Skype, and I find it's a truly remarkable product. Not least among its features is that it's FREE! The second great feature is that it can be passed on via a simple link in an e-mail to anyone in the world. When they receive it, they can download it for free and begin using it themselves.


Skype works like this: you follow the link to the website, where you download and install the program. It's small and takes about 30 seconds on a normal broadband connection. Once it's installed, and you've confirmed that your microphone and speakers are installed and working properly, you can egin using it for free!

The basic Skype plan goes like this: you can talk to anyone in the world, anywhere in the world, absolutely free, providing that person is also using Skype. So, copy the link into an e-mail, and send it to everyone you know, letting them know that they should pass it on as well, and so on. Because it's free, most people will download and use it, even if they eventually want to use a "regular phone" style VOIP provider in the future. Just having it there comes in really handy.

You can also call any landline or cell phone within the U.S. and Canada for free as well. That means, even if someone doesn't have Skype, you can call them for free to tell them to get it!


Now, why should you do that? Because that free landline and cell phone provision lasts only until the end of this year. After that, Skype will charge $24.95 a month to retain that service. The Skype to Skype service will remain free, but the service to landlines and cellphones will not.

So, what does that mean? That means that we all need to spread the Skype program out to as many folks as we can between now and midnight on December 31st! If you pass it on to all you know, and they do the same, you'll really never have to deal with long distance charges again!

Skype does offer other features. They will provide a regular phone style instrument that connects to your computer, or one that plugs directly into your modem so you can turn off the computer and still access your VOIP line. They do charge for these types of phones, but they are one-time charges that don't recurr on a monthly basis. They also offer landline and cell phone calling outside the U.S. and Canada at a nominal fee...much less than your current long distance carrier.


So...copy the link right out of this article, or from the list of links to the right. Send it on to as many folks as you can, and have them do the same. Then, no matter where you are in the world, give me a call for free!

My Skype id is: steve.gaghagen.

Hit me up and let's talk!


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Steve Gaghagen is the owner of this blog,
an actor, director, author, Realtor, and
Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes
his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where
he is owned by a dog named Cimarron.

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