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Friday, October 13, 2006

Correction To Call Schedule

Steve Gaghagen

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It was called to my attention that the call schedule had actually changed since I posted it several days ago. The Friday Fast Start Traffic School call had changed to 1PM EST

I will point out that the change was reflected in the "Live Training" section of your Member's Area, but in the interest of clarity, I'm posting correctly again, and I've changed it in the previous post.

Quick Start Call Schedule:

Mon: 1PM (EST)
Wed: 1PM (EST)
Thurs: 8PM (EST)

Call-in #: 1-646-519-5800 / PIN#: 9810

The Quick Start Call is now the FIRST ITEM OF TRAINING for all new enrollees.

After a new enrollee attends the QS call, you will direct them to "Set-Up Your Complete Funded Sponsoring System", the black menu items on the left hand side of their Member's Area. They should start at the top button and proceed downward through each button there, ending with "Upload Your Affiliate Links". That will get their system put together and ready to go.

At that point, new enrollees should proceed to Day 1 and 2 of the "Internet Marketing Success Guide", which will get them aquainted with their new websites and their autoresponders and how they work together.

AFTER they have completed those chapters in the Success Guide, THEN new enrollees should go on to the "Fast Start Training School" call.

Here is the schedule for that:

Fast Start Training School Call Schedule:

Tues: 8PM (EST)
Fri: 1PM (EST)

Call-in #: 1-646-519-5800 / PIN#: 9810

OK.....that's it.



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