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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Welcome To SteveTalk, Guys!

Welcome to SteveTalk, guys!

John, Brian, and......yes we know....that's Ronnie B. out there.........I want to give you and everyone the low-down skinny on what this place is all about, ok?

First of all, I've listed some preferred topics of conversation in my last post, but I'll hit them again: acting, film, theatre, music, real estate, Internet marketing, and working at home, and politics. That doesn't mean, however, that we need to feel too constrained. Ronnie, if you want to talk about photography here, that would be fine. Feel free. This is a place to have fun, learn, share, and argue in an enlightening manner, so let's all enjoy it!

One caveat is this: at present, I am not moderating any posts. What is posted, and the comments those posts glean, will go up immediately with no filter. However, if things get out of hand somehow, then I'll be forced to moderate posts. Now, by out of hand, I mean being abusive of others, slanderous or libelous comments, or content of a sexual nature that's way "over the top". I don't foresee anything like this, but you never know. If I have to moderate the posts that just means more work for me and a delay from when you post or comment until it appears on the screen.

OK....enough of that. Now, John, Brian, and Ronnie, you three and hopefully quite a few more, have responded to an invitation to be a "Team Member" on the blog. Anybody at all can comment on any posts here, but you must be a "Team Member" to initiate a post. If you are someone who would like to become a Team Member, just e-mail me and ask. I'm easy.

I do believe that this place might become somewhat more popular than you might suspect at first. I've registered this blog with "Technorati", a great website that's free for anyone who wants to use it. It's actually a blog interface that keeps track of your interests and searches worldwide for blogs that might interest you. It uses a keyword system, and I've registered the keywords relating to the topics I mentioned earlier. So, what we talk about here just might be showing up on a website viewed by millions daily. You should go to Technorati and check them out!

Now, because of this, and because I'm interested in Internet marketing, I want to invite everyone, always, to post your links here! John, you're a Realtor. I'm sure you have a website and you'd like more traffic. Just e-mail me with your link and what you'd like to name it, and I'll post it in the links section. Also, you guys who have businesses, family sites, or other sites you'd like to promote.......go ahead and do it here. The more links we put up here, the more we're crawled by spiders from Yahoo, Google, and sites with their own spiders, like Technorati, the more the possibility increases that the right someone, at just the right time, will click on a link you've left. So....PROMOTE YOUR LINKS, guys. Develop a signature like the one I'm using in this post, and use it all the time! Just please try and keep the signatures to no more than 7 lines or so, ok?

Anyway, that's it! Post your blurbs and comments! Promote your links, business, family websites, hobbies, resources....whatever! The Internet is the last frontier, so let's enjoy it and make use of it while we can!

Welcome aboard, guys! Don't forget to send me your links!

Steve Gaghagen

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