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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Four Absolute Must-Do’s To Create A Money-Making Home Business

Four Absolute Must-Do’s To Create A Money-Making Home Business
Copyright © Steve Gaghagen


Here are four things you absolutely Must Do, if you want to create a home based business that is efficient, fun, and will make you money quickly as well as in the long run.

1: Set Up A Business-Like Work Space.
We know that our surroundings influence our productivity. We cannot be completely productive working in the midst of clutter and disarray. The space you work in should be businesslike AND separate from your living area. You come here to work, not to be distracted by the normal occurrences of home and family life.

2: Research What Works And What Doesn’t.
Get on the Net! That’s where you’ll probably be spending most of your working hours. Browse around some business and work-at-home forums. See what others are saying about programs you might affiliate with. Check out some scam sites like The Rip-Off Report to see if what you’re looking at is for real or not. There’s a lot of crap out there, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time, effort and money on crap.

3: Fully Commit To The Project You Choose.
Most people who fail at working from home do so because of a lack of commitment and focus. Once you determine which type of work you’re going to be doing, jump into it completely. There are a lot of distractions like e-mail, and children. It’s easy to get sidetracked. Choose what you want to do and do it….fully and exclusively.

4: Set Your Goals And Visualize.
How can we possibly know what road to take if we don’t know where we’re going? This is age-old wisdom we’ve all heard before. The problem is that most often we simply never do it! Decide on your goals. Write them down. Be specific. Then VISUALIZE THEM. See yourself having them. If you can find pictures of that house, that car, those clothes, then get them. Print them out, and hang them right in front of your face so you are confronted with them all day long!

About the Author:

Steve Gaghagen is the owner of this blog,
an actor, director, author, Realtor, and
Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes
his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where
he is owned by a dog named Cimarron.

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