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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updates & New Goodies !

Steve Gaghagen
(Sorry For No Photo ... Blogger Sucks Sometimes ... LOL)

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Hey everybody!

I've just updated some things here that you should know about. Most of these things will be for more advanced Pay It Forward 4 Profits members, but if they're not your cup of tea right now ... they will be soon. We're seeing more additions to our Team Leaderboard every day now, and you'll be seeing those results in this next Team Newsletter.

I've updated the Links section of the blog on the right. In there you'll find quite a few new resources that I wanted to draw your attention to...

Under "Safelists", you'll now find links to several good lists that weren't there before:

Rent-A-List is, by far, the best Safelist I've found. It's extremely responsive, and they do it in such a way that the list isn't saturated. It's great and very economical.

Smart-List is a good one. I've had pretty good results there.

AdSolutiOnline is a hybrid. One mailer is untargeted, and you can just use that daily with your membership. The other is credit-based. You must view e-mails and web pages to earn credits. When you use the cred-based mailer, you can target your prospects very specifically.
Here's a recommendation: if you're going to build up credits on a system like AdSolutiOnline... use a tabbed browser. The new Internet Explorer 7 has been released and it's great. You can actually "view" many web pages at once, earning credits very quickly.

Under "Networking For Leads", you'll find "Conquer Your Niche Forum". This is a great new concept from Russell Brunson. Ads are displayed on the site. Each time you post in the forum you earn credits for displaying your ads ...

PIF4P'ers have a great advantage in a place like this. Everyone there has a business to promote ... we're not offering them another business ... we offer them a Free Franchise that will help their business grow bigger and faster.

Conquer Your Niche Forum is something I recommend everyone incorporate into their daily routine. I've had very good results so far ... and it's brand new. It's not over-run with other PIF4P'ers yet, so get in there and do your stuff!

Under "List Builders", you'll find the new and fun site called "List Lotto". It's very cheap to get a Pro membership right now, but it will be going up soon, so hurry if you want to do that.

List Lotto is kewl. They have drawings for the opportunity to mail to the list. You get entries in the Lotto for referrals and membership level. It's just getting started, so you might want to check it out.

Under "Services", you'll now find "Article Marketer". This is simply the best way to get your articles distributed around the net. It's simple, inexpensive, and incredibly effective. We currently have hundreds of people a day visiting this blog. That's all due to Article Marketer. Anyone interested in incorporating article writing and distribution as one of their strategies to drive traffic to their PIF4P website really needs to be using these guys.

Under "Software" I've included a gizmo called "Instant Booster". Now, I'm not a great one for Blast-o-matics and Leads-o-matics, and Blasting your ads to Billions, etc. What all these thing seem to do is just get me a lot of crappy e-mail.

However, I decided to try this particular piece of software, and what do you know ... I got a signup off of one of the ads it posted not five days after I started using it. So, each night, before I go to bed, I set it up to send out 32 different ads to millions of Free For All web sites and directories, like Yahoo and Google and all the smaller ones. It takes about three hours to go through it's process, and it's done in the morning when I get up. I'm getting some results from it, so I'm passing it on here.

Three hints about anything like Instant Booster:

1) Don't just write one PIF ad. This is "keyword" based. These FFA's and search engines have different categories for their ads. I have PIF4P ads for "mlm", "network marketing", "business", etc., etc. If you do this, the software will submit your ad several times to each directory, each time under a different category.

2) If you're going to use something like Instant Booster, set it up with a seperate e-mail address. this thing posts to FFA pages where you are agreeing to accept e-mail offers in return for posting. Also, many of these sites send out "Confirm Your Posting" e-mails. You don't want all this crud in your business e-mail. I've created one e-mail address at GDI just for this purpose

3) Don't pay any attention to the "Confirm Your Posting", or "Confirmation Required" e-mails. Just go into your special account every couple of days and DELETE EVERYTHING. The confirmation requests are just bull ... there are ads in the e-mails they want you to read. Don't let them distract you ... be brutal! Delete the buggers!

One more thing:

Those of you not yet involved with The Advanced Mentoring Team should really take a look at this incredible opportunity. If you want to really use your PIF4P system to its fullest advantage, I believe that this is the best way to learn how to do that. I've found that being accepted on the AMT has just accelerated the growth of my business to an incredible rate.

If you think that you have the dedication and the motivation required to become a member of The Advanced Mentoring Team, call me for all the information. Alternatively, you can click on the link below or in the Links menu under "Primary Program". Paul Birdsall will tell you all about it.

Well ... that's it for now! New tools, tips, and toys!

Call me if you need any help!

About the Author:

Steve Gaghagen is the owner of this blog,
an actor, director, author, Realtor, and
Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes
his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where
he is owned by a dog named Cimarron.

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