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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

1-2-3 Configuration
and Startup Process Posted

Steve Gaghagen

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Hey, y'all!

We there are many of you now that are really up and running. Some of you are now calling me and letting me know just how excited you are at what's beginning to happen for you.

Well, I'm excited for you as well. The Pay It Forward for Profits system is turning out to be the best thing that's ever happened to me, and it's really fulfilling to see your reactions as it's beginning to work for you as well.

Tonight I'm posting just to let you know that there is now a link here to a web page that I've titled "Getting Started With Your Pay It Forward 4 Profits System". Of course the Member's Area re-design has made the process almost self-explanatory, but I thought I'd provide this for new people coming in so they can see a permanently mounted explanation of what they should be doing.

You can find that link at the top of the menu to the right.

About the Author:

Steve Gaghagen is the owner of this blog,
an actor, director, author, Realtor, and
Internet marketing entrepreneur. He makes
his home in Big Bear Lake, California, where
he is owned by a dog named Cimarron.

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