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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Well, that sounds great for me and my business. Please add me, Ronney. My website is . I will be updating soon the photography section of my website. My restoration is well established.

1 comment:

Steve Gaghagen said...

Great, Ronney.....I'll post it right now. Be sure to include it in your Signature each time you post. Take a look at mine and see what I'm doing there. If you have any trouble with it, just ask. I can write up a short tutorial on how to create a cut and past signature with an active link so you don't have to type it each time. Just ask if you'd like.

BTW.....Not to be a nicky-picky, ut just because I know you're new at this stuff....and I do appreciate you doing's a tip for future reference: The post you just left, that I'm commenting on now, should probably have been done as a comment to my last post. A Post itself is usually the start of some kind of discussion, and then comments on that post can be left within. If you'll look at the bottom of each post you'll see a little link that says the # of comments. Just click on that and a popup window will open where you can enter your comment. That way Comments stay connected to the post they refer to, and don't get the main board all jumbled and confused.

Thanks....I'll get you link up right away. If you want that tutorial just comment on this comment and lemme know! HA!